Dominating best service in Collision and Auto Body Repair

When an accident occurs, our experts quickly set in motion a complete autobody repair service that only ends when we deliver a flawless vehicle back to you.

After cost estimates have been provided and approved by your insurance company, we handle everything from dent removal to respraying.

At the same time we are also qualified to take care of any kind of crash repair approved by the insurer, including wheel alignment, windshield replacement, bumper repairs and air conditioning systems. We even deal with rust and paint chip problems.

Below are outlined the services offered at Aurora Auto Collision, Your Collision Center!

Collision Repair

We're are equipped to carry out a full range of repairs, ranging from paintless dent removal to restoration work resulting from a major impact.

Our collision repair centers use the most advanced high-tech equipment.

This ensures that any maintenance and repairs we do on recent models will comply with the directives and latest technologies used by auto manufacturers.

We employ computerized processes in all body repairs to provide the quality control that you, the customer, expect. Our teams handle auto body restoration for individuals, fleets and management companies.

Our range of services extends from passenger vehicles (including luxury and foreign cars) to truck body repairs (light commercial vehicles of 3.5 tons max.)

Paint Scratch Repair

Our auto body painting team is fully qualified to handle any car paint jobs big or small.

If your vehicle needs paint repair and respraying on several major parts, or just touch-ups such as paint chip repair, you can leave it to Aurora Auto with complete peace of mind.

Our high-tech equipment ensures the paint is always perfectly applied and the colors perfectly matched.

Valet and Replacements

To help you better manage your time, replacement cars are offered while your repairs are being done or even at the scene of the collision (if so).

Aurora Auto will offer a valet service to include pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. Aurora Auto will also provide a replacement vehicle at the scene of a collision.

We have legitimate partnerrs that provide replacement cars designated for your needs.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Our bodyshops are fully equipped to meet all manufacturers’ standards and quality controls in providing you with a reliable car diagnosis.

This assures you of complete peace of mind... whether your problem is related to body repairs or something mechanical. At all our body shop locations, Aurora Auto technicians have the necessary skills.

Dent Removal

Dent repairs are a crucial step in achieving perfect results.

Our auto repair shop specializing in body work are equipped with the most advanced machinery and employ only the best trained craftsmen

Free 24 hr Roadside and Tow service

Our free 24-hour towing service is always standing by, ready to get you and your vehicle off the road and where you need to be.

 Be that you're stuck in the snow, collision or a simple battery boost. You can reply on us. For more information about this service contact us.

Wheel Alignment 

Correct wheel alignment ensures optimum maneuverability and better control on the road.

Aurora Auto Collision offers this service year-round.

Fast Lane Service

Only available in aurora. Drop in TODAY, and have your car fixed within 24-48 hours. Also, if able to, we try to offer same day repair.

We deal with out of pocket clients, as well as the insurance route.